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“With the SPEAKOUT! Program I  find that I don’t have to repeat myself as much and that my speech has improved”

-74 yr old female with Parkinson’s Disease

“After doing the SPEAKOUT! Program, I am more aware of my speech and live my life with intent”

 -81 yr old female with Parkinson’s Disease

“Cammy has helped and taught me so much, my memory has improved with the strategies she showed me”

 -84 yr old female with Mild Cognitive Impairment

"When I first started working with Cammy right after my stroke I couldn't eat regular food, I had to drink thickened liquids, and my family could not understand me when I talked. I was coughing all the time and getting very frustrated. Cammy has helped me to regain my swallow strength, I'm eating the foods I love and drinking my regular coffee! I now can communicate with my family by using the strategies Cammy has taught me. I love her."

-72 yr old female with Stroke

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